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Advantages of utilizing a Buyers only service.

  • Complete dedication to the Buyers needs and interests. There is no conflict of interests between the Seller requirements and those of the buyer. We present your interests only.

  • From one source you gain access to multiple properties. There is no need to keep track of 5 or 6 agencies, what they offer, when they can fit in viewing appointments; there is one contract to sign and one specification document and there is one source of contact.

  • You benefit from years of experience and have access to a network of tried and tested professionals. Do not be one of those who, for one reason or another, are subjected to a“diabolical buying experience”.

  • There are no extra costs. Standard commission is 4% of final contract value of which 2% is paid by the property Seller and 2% paid by the buyer. This remains unchanged.

Corfu Property
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