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Theodora......8 month tenant at Tenedou No.2

Hi! My name is Theodora and I lived in Mr. Steve's Apartment No2 in Tenedos for almost a year (8 months). The apartment is fully furnished and equipped with all the necessary devices. This was very convenient for me, because I didn't need to bring anything more than my personal stuff. Although the apartment might seem small, it is more than enough for a student plus it has a lot of storage capacity and a large kitchen worktop. Moreover, the apartment is quite warm in winter and has a fast water heater, that is, the water is ready in less than 20 minutes in winter and less than 10' in summer! The location of the apartment in the centre of Corfu is also a bonus and the neighbourhood is quite friendly and safe. The only "misleading" thing is that this apartment has no internet connection, but I can't complain about that, since I knew it from the beginning. You will find out yourself that Mr. Steve is an obliging and trustworthy owner. Overall, I am really satisfied from the apartment and I believe that everyone who has the chance to live there will enjoy it!

Owners' comment:- All Cosycomfort Apartments now have FREE WiFi Internet at 24mb speed.

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